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alphabet soup more like times new ramen am i right

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The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?
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in which the movie spiderman accurately represents comic book spiderman in sarcasm levels.

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I am literally both of them at the same time

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books are just dead tattoed trees

That’s metal as fuck

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Sometimes recovery is waking up early to write in coffee shops and practicing yoga and eating lots of fruit and chocolate and sometimes it’s staying in bed all day and hiding from the world until you can stop crying. All of this is ok. What’s important is that you take care of yourself no matter what kind of day you’re having.

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i feel like every week i’m just like “i need to get through this week”

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There’s no point to a guy yelling, “Hey sexy baby” at me out of the passenger window of a car as it speeds past. Even if I was into creepy misogynists and wanted to give him my number, I couldn’t. The car didn’t even slow down. But that’s okay, because he wasn’t actually hitting on me. The point wasn’t to proposition me or chat me up. The only point was to remind me, and all women, that our bodies are his to stare at, assess, comment on, even touch. “Hey sexy baby” is the first part of a sentence that finishes, “this is your daily message from the patriarchy, reminding you that your body is public property”.
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